The Consulting service that we offer is the result of different activities which are needed for the correct execution of a project.  We go from the planning until its construction. Through meetings with the client and visits to the site of work we can offer a quality final product in both, the creation of plans as well as the construction itself.

Each one of those stages is described as follows.

a. Preliminar Studies

“These are the studies which identify the available resources and the demands to be satisfied within the project”.  These include: a program of needs, topography of the land, visits to it, etc.

b. Pre Project

“This is the technical and functional space proposal, which defines the character and identity of the project” “The pre project is the preliminary design of the project”

c. Construction Planes

“This is the group of graphical and written elements that allow the construction under the supervision of a professional in the field, who will be responsible for the project” They are the planes and technical specifications needed by the law in order to obtain the construction permits.  They are also a basic guide for the execution of the work.

d. Budget

“This is a detailed estimation work that is done to determine the value of the work in the market”. It is a document that specifies the total or partial cost of the construction. This stage is absolutely necessary in order to determine the investment and the scopes of a project.

e. Technical Direction

“This is the consulting service which includes the inspection, the planning and the control of the specific work”.

f. Inspection of the Construction

“This is the surveillance of the execution process of a work.  It will be done in order to follow the best working standards, construction plans, technical specifications and other documents that form the contract”.  It is the help offered to the client by the professional responsible for the work.  In this way, the work can be done in an optimal way, considering the law and the current rules of the country.

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